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1961 TR3A

Current Caretaker:

Derrick Zimmerman


Derrick owns a 1961 orange TR3A with black interior and top.  It has black wire wheels, has been lowered 2 inches in front and 1 inch in rear, has LED headlights, a long tube header, Amco luggage rack, Amco rocker and door panel guards, and an aluminum shift knob and park brake handle.  He reports his car is a bit untraditional but he plans to keep it on the road and hopefully appeal to younger generations.

Derrick's comments

I purchased the car from Mark Macy in August of 2021 with the plan to fix it issues and use it in my wedding that was held in September of 2021. So with time not on my side I got it home and began wrenching g away. It had sat for what I was told 12 years or so in a barn. It had normal things like all the rubber hoses and brake parts needing replacing, spark plugs and wires etc. But the reason it was parked was due to a broken rear head stud and a blown head gasket as a result. I replaced all the failed parts and added ARP headstuds, new head gasket and a rebuilt head with hardend seats for modern fuels. I made the date it the car was a celebrity at the wedding. Now I play with it and I am in to modifying it where I can to make it a little different the the rest as I am 36 and of a slightly different generation then most triumph owners an I want to inspire the younger generations to aquire and appreciate the cars and Hobbie.

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