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Technical advice given within is the opinion of the writer(s) and should not be construed as professional advice nor relied upon. They are not official advice of Miami Valley Triumphs, MVT officers, or MVT members. As with all maintenance and repairs the reader should do their homework and get multiple opinions.

The Complete Tales of the FrankenStag

by Bruce Clough

Laugh and cry while reading thirteen years of articles filled with lots of technical advice and adventure by Bruce, There are over 100 pages filled with the ultimate of good advice and abject misery.  Yes, this is the first official compendium of the Tales of the FrankenStag.

TRA 2023 Technical Workshops

Presentation on Fuel Pumps

Presentation on Stealth Electronics

Reference Documents:

-LED lighting and mods

-Stealth alternator and mods

-Pertronix Ignition

MVT Technical Articles in The Marque

The majority of technical articles by MVT members are published in The Marque, the MVT news publication


We have begun to index technical articles by Title, Author, Maque issue and page number.  Currently indexed 2022-2023.

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