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MVT's Jumble Sale Page

This is a page for MVT members to advertise Triumph parts, memorabilia, or even cars for sale, trade, or to buy.

Any and all items offered are represented solely by the seller as an individual and MVT takes no responsibility for the description, condition, or applicability of anything offered.  As always, the rule of  "Buyers Beware" is appropiate.

Dec 15, 2018

TR3 Engine for Sale

For Sale - Triumph TR3 Engine TS56528E (June-October 1959) Good clean condition - Out of a running TR3 that was hit from behind -Head has been Sold - $300 

Contact Chris at tryanity@gmail.com

Oct 05, 2018

TR3 Parts for Sale

TR3 Front and Rear Passenger Side (LHD) Fenders - $150

TR3 Rear Trunk Lid - $100

Other TR3 parts available 

Contact Chris at tryanity@gmail.com

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