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MVT's Jumble Sale Page

This is a page for MVT members to advertise Triumph parts, memorabilia, or even cars for sale, trade, or to buy.

Any and all items offered are represented solely by the seller as an individual and MVT takes no responsibility for the description, condition, or applicability of anything offered.  As always, the rule of  "Buyers Beware" is appropiate.

R2-4, Spitfire, TR7, MG, Rover Parts

Spitfire Frame 1968                                                $50

Spitfire 1500 Bonnet (hood)                                  $150

Early Spitfire Transmission w/shifter housing       $150

Early Spitfire Transmission w/shifter housing       $200

Spitfire 1147 Motor                                                $150

Spitfire 1300 Motor (w/flywheel)                          $125

Late Spitfire 1500 / MG Midget Transmission       $300

TR4 motor will fit TR 2-4 (w/generator)                $425

TR4A motor will fit TR 2-4                                     $400

TR2-4 Set of 4 wire wheels (off TR4A)                  $100

TR2-4 Set wire wheel hubs w /spinners   $100

TR2-4 Motor (w/ Flywheel) (out of TR3A)             $400

TR2-4 Trans (out of TR4A)                                      $400

TR2-4 Trans housing                                                $50

TR4A Straight Axle frame (1965)                           $250

TR2-3B factory steel hard top (shell only)             $300

Stag Seats / set good condition                             $150

TR 7 Hood                                                               $200

MGB factory wheels center knock out set of 4 (look to be NOS)     $35

MGB mud flaps set of 4, look to be NOS                $40

MGB wire wheel adopters w / center hubs set of 4 & wrench    $100

Rover SD-1 Borg-Warner Model 65 Automatic Trans (will fit TR7 & 8, MGC / others  $135


All Triumph / Rover parts are used and are not new, priced to sale, I need the room." Open to cash offers & trades -  Gold / Silver / hunting / fishing items  "Please email “PARTS” @ ( I will reply you as soon as possible"

Please contact Roy @

First posted 11/18/2020 - still looking
Wanted - Lights and Light Bar

Wanted: One or a pair of stem mount Fog or Driving lamps (working or non-working) -also looking for a badge bar to fit a TR3A/3B   cash or trade

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