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1980 TR7

Chevy V-6 

Current Caretaker:

Jimmy Dean

I have just purchased from the Bigler’s They purchased it in October of 2007. Drove it home and stored it until I purchase it last week 8/26/2023. It has been in storage for 15 plus years. It was purchased from a person who lived in New York State who got it from California. It was converted in California from the Triumph 4 Cyl to a Chevrolet 4.3 V Six and backed to a 5 speed Camaro trans.  I will be getting more info from Lois Bigler.


Towed to the BTM and on 8/27/2023 I pulled the plugs sprayed some penetrating oil in each cylinder. Pulled the coil wire checked all the fluids the attached a battery and turned it over a registered 40 psi oil pressure Then on Monday the 28th replaced the plugs added 2 gals of fresh gas and reconnected the ignition. It turned over 3 times and roared 🦁 to lifer. Let it idle for a bit dove it 200 feet checked the brakes. I let is sit for about 30 minutes then invited Pete Strobel for a test drive. It is wicked quick and will chirp the tires 🛞.  One blinker works and one headlight will open up so I have some work to do. LOL 😎.  The saga continues

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