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1974 TR6

1974 TR6

Current Caretaker:

Michael Meade

I purchased this 1974 Carmine Red TR6 from the estate of Glenn Meade, former MVT member and my uncle. He bought the car when it was 1-2 years old and held on to it all of these years. It was truly his pride and joy. The one story that I recall about the TR6 is for several years, the tires needed to be replaced. He would not consider any style but Coker red wall tires. He did not use the internet, so this was a difficult item to find. Eventually, he asked my son to help him and got his red wall tires. 


I had the car checked out to assure it was roadworthy. It needs rear brake work, some front end suspension repairs and the steering coupling replaced as well as a few other minor problems that were expected. After the mechanical issues are addressed, I hope to get the original paint buffed out and touched up in a few places. The interior needs some work, hopefully next year it will be addressed. 

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