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1959 TR3A


TS 46868 L

Current Caretaker:

John Coutant

In 2011 I had decided to restore a British roadster and started thinking about what car I would like to work on. Early in the summer I attended the Cincinnati British Car Day and started focusing on Triumphs as the car of choice.  I knew that a Triumph club would be the best source of information and found Miami Valley Triumphs online and got in touch with Chuck White.  He mentioned that a TR4 might be available but it did not work out.  He suggested coming to Dayton British Car Days and while attending became enamored with all the beautiful TR3s at the show.  This is where I also met Mark Macy and discussed restoration doing what work I felt comfortable with and having him do what I was not so comfortable with.   Shortly after that I found the TR3A on Craig's list in Indianapolis, bought it, and had it transported back to Cincinnati.

The car was fairly solid with no rust through holes in the rockers or floor but had some rear end damage.  I also inherited several boxes of spares, new interior, rear clip, etc..   Having learned what looks good on the surface I started disassembling the car and having everything except the tub chemically stripped here in Cincinnati.  When that was done, the frame with the tub and all the sheet metal went up to Macy's for the body work.  There was some repair of the fenders and doors but the major work was on the tub.   A lot was due to removing old restoration work (brazing) to replace the floors, fit the aftermarket rear clip, and repair rust in the rear section.   After all the sheet metal was fitted to my frame, it was removed to a donor frame for painting.   I disassembled the frame at Macy's and they welded up any weak spots, had it sandblasted, and delivered back to my garage.   I rebuild and assembled all the suspension back on the frame.

I had thought about rebuilding the engine myself but decided not to attempt my first wet sleeve engine and, in the end, had Macy's rebuild the engine and go through the rest of the steering and drivetrain.  The frame went back to Macy's to fit the painted sheet metal and then came back to my garage for finishing all the electric, hydraulic, dash, and exterior trim.   Then the completed car went back to Macy's for the interior trim and top.

The color choice of the exterior was Betsy's work.  She did not want another red car (original color) but thought it should be British Racing Green with a tan interior.  While at Macy's looking at interior colors and some cars there that were the Triumph BRG, she noticed a TR2 in the shop that was being converted back to street.  It was a much darker BRG that she thought better fit the car so that paint was color matched for our car.  This color combination has and continues to get great comments from everyone.

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