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Wes, Rebekah, Rowan, Reese and Pierce Gipe's Garage

1973 GT6

Current Caretaker:

Wes Gipe

We can’t wait to get this little thing back on the road where it belongs.  It’s been a wonderful way to connect with my boys and teach them skills that are at risk of dying out.  When COVID hit, My oldest and I bought a little MG Midget in cigar boxes and put it back together, which led us to find the GT6 tucked away in someone’s barn.  When we sold the Midget, we were able to pick up the GT6 and we’ve been hard at work on it for the last couple of years.  I’ve attached a few pics of our progress.  Carpet arrived from Newton yesterday, and an interior package from Owen Lloyd at Park Lane Classics should arrive tomorrow.  It should be out of paint in a few weeks and then the real fun of reassembly begins.  We’re hopeful that we’ll have it running by spring/summer of next year.

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