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Kropas-Hughes 1_edited.jpg

1979 TR7

Current Caretaker:

Claudia Kropas-Hughes

Some History:  This is originally a California car - I purchased in 1982 in Sacramento CA.  First me alone and then my husband and I tooled the northern California roads for  several years - its great on the Sierra Nevada mountain roads to Reno and South Lake Tahoe!  We moved here in 1990 and enjoyed this on the wide open spaces here in Ohio -- spring, summer and fall ONLY of course!  Its always garaged in winter and snow season!


This car was the car of my dreams.  When I lived in Florida in 1979 I went to a car show in Miami, and this 79 TR7 was the "Car of the Show".  I promised myself that I would own one someday - and in California I found one and snatched it up!


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