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TRA 2023

June 19-23, 2023
Hueston Woods Lodge, College Corner, Ohio
Your Hosts - Miami Valley Triumphs - TRA

Registration for TRA 2023 is now open!  If you have made hotel reservations, please register!

Note: TRA rooms at Hueston Woods Lodge are fully booked.  See Lodging for options.

Our Host City - Oxford, Ohio

Oxford is only 7 miles and less than 15 minutes away from Hueston Woods Lodge.  Home to Miami University, Oxford is small, beautiful college town of close to 7,000 year-round residents but swells with 18,000 students for the 9 months of the year that Miami is in session. Dining choices reflect a university town with great Chinese, Indian, Italian, Mexican, American, and every food in between at every price point. 

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Staying on the Back Roads in Butler County

Hueston Woods Lodge is within Hueston Woods State Park which is at the northwest corner of Butler County, Ohio.  While the eastern part of the county is home to the cities of Middletown, Hamiton, and Fairfield, the western part is rural and offers lots of great TR friendly roads to explore.  Oxford is close by but major attractions are an hour away on the back roads in Dayton and Cincinnati.  Lots of chances to experience on TRA 2023 events or on your own!

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